Easily create fantastic headings in wordpress!

WordPress Plugin

This plugin provides text to logo features that are available on It is the easiest way to use the power of FlamingText to enhance your blog entries.

This plug adds a button to editor. Once clicked, you can pick your style and adjust different parameters (eg. logo style, font, size, color) to create your own customizer logo or heading. Once done with your creation, click OK and the image is inserted directly into your post.



Install is easy: go trough Admin -> Plugins -> Search for "FlamingText" -> Install now

Alternatively, you can download plugin trough plugin's homepage and downloaded the zip to your local machine, then go through Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload (

Once plugin gets installed, go back to Plugins and activate FlamingText wordpress plugin.

**See Also:** ["Installing Plugins" article on the WP Codex](


Typically you will type your post, then select the words that you want to turn into a fancy header and press the "F" button. This will popup a dialog to customize the logo.
Word Press dialog screenshot

You can use the pre-defined styles by selecting the text you want to change, then using the arrow to the right of the F pick the style that you want to use. And of course you can define your own pre-defined styles (called Presets).

Word Press presets screenshot

If you commonly use a style, you can create a preset, by clicking on "F", adjusting the parameters, then clicking "save preset". You will then be asked what to call the preset, so enter a name and press Save. You can then access this preset from the "F" menu.